Happy Birthday!

After 32 wonderful years, perhaps I am finally growing up. Instead of being worried today about who is going to remember my birthday, etc., I have a strong desire to call/email the people in my life who have made a difference for me. Not to hint reminders about what today is, but to say Thank You! What is life without family and friends?

Okay, I originally came in to make note of something I observed last night. I have been on a high protein, high fruits and veggies, low fat, low “empty” carb, low calorie diet for a couple of months now. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, but more importantly, I’m re-learning *how* to eat. I’ve also been exercising regulary, 4-6 times a week, including both cardiovascular, toning, and core exercise (along with warm-up and cool-down, of course). So… last night I must have had an itchy spot on the side of my thigh, because I was rubbing it rather firmly. I had the sudden realization that there was actually *Muscle* under there! What a thrill! More Muscle = increasing my metabolism = burning more calories = getting off my “plateau”. Besides that, muscle looks better than what I’ve been carrying around for the last few years. πŸ™‚


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  1. gwendolynstar
    Jul 29, 2005 @ 17:34:51

    Woot!!!! Happy Birthday my Friend!!!
    In return, I will say that I appreciate how you always listen to me and give me advice…how you are an example of good mothering for me…and just that I enjoy our friendship very much πŸ™‚
    It reminds me of something I do with the residents at the start of each group…….I tell them to “tell me something good that happened” for that day…It keeps them focused on the positive…because no matter how big or small, there is always something good in each day. πŸ™‚
    Im so proud of you! You are right…it’s not so much about losing the weight, but about developing new patterns of eating…Keep up the good work!!!! Just don’t look like some of those muscle bound women….lol…like Arnold with a wig πŸ˜›
    Have a great day today!!!


    • smithlaurel
      Jul 30, 2005 @ 20:18:56

      “like Arnold with a wig :P”
      rofl, no worries there! J would stop me long before I got to that point.
      Thank you for your sweet encouragement!


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