Not Giving Up – An Update

Many thanks for the encouraging words, my friends! Asking for help has always been difficult for me – thank you for making it “worth it.” 🙂

The Lord used Amy over at Amy’s Humble Musings in some super practical ways to accomplish quite a lot in my heart/our home in a relatively short amount of time, and I thought I’d share them…

Amy’s “Take a Deep Breath” blog (which thankfully Shawna posted about) prevented me from tearing down the walls and starting over with my truckload of 2×4’s. He used her “Rest for Weary Homeschool Moms” to re-focus my heart and get me on the right track mentally and spiritually. And as I talked Sunday night (rationally, even!) with my programmer hubby, we found her schedule a great jumping-off point for getting into a routine. I’d tried the MOTH thing before, and though I think it is a great tool, it became a master for me, and I pretty much gave up on scheduling because I was such a not nice person while I was using that system.

Yesterday and today have found us non-stressfully beginning to work our way into a new routine, one that I think will focus us on our priorities and give us freedom and flexibility. We have a ways to go, and I’m realizing that baby steps are okay. And they’re much better than truckloads of 2×4’s!!


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  1. shawna
    Feb 20, 2007 @ 20:07:00

    oh Laurel! I am so glad. We have had lots talks recently about repairing the wood rot, not buying a truck of 2×4’s. I love Amy!


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