The return of old friends

I got to finish up the first bookcase today:

I love the natural look of linseed oil as a finish. It preserves the beauty of the wood in such a lovely way. I joke sometimes about how I’m not allowed to paint wood, because in a woodworking family like Jonathan’s, it is forbidden. But really, though there are some old junkie pieces I’d be glad to try painting, I truly do love the look of wood.

And I packed it full of books! They’re not much in the way of organized, but it was so fun to unpack this many. It’s like finding old friends again. There are lots of book boxes left to unpack, but this puts a nice dent in it.

Once we get the other bookcase built, I’ll get the books more organized, and, if there is room, add some decorative touches. But books take precedence, make no mistake!


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