Katie’s B-Day

I’m thankful my hands are finally letting me get a post done about Katie’s birthday! I’ve been very slowly creating collages over the last week, and am glad to get to post them.

About 8.00 on Katie’s birthday morning, we got a call reporting that a customer (for whom we had installed a water softener and filter in February) had water all over her basement). It turned out to be not our fault at all, but Jonathan had am unexpected two-hour round trip to her house, plus some time to diagnose the problem and help her clean up some of the mess. So we had some extra time at home that morning before leaving on our planned trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The kids read, played carpet ball, got pedicures from Aunt Beka, played with blocks, etc. It actually turned out to be a lovely morning.

We departed for the Gardens around noon, and stopped on the way for a lunch treat courtesy of Aunt Beka and Uncle Eric (in absentia). Then we headed for the gardens! It was a very hot day (the time/temp sign I noticed on the way home said 100′), and all things water were a decided hit. Despite the heat, I think we all enjoyed our outing very much. Here are some pics:

Katie had requested ham for her birthday dinner, along with corn and peas and the most important cake and ice cream. Beka, Georgia, and I got everything ready for her birthday dinner the day before: ham (in loads of butter and brown sugar) that cooked in the crockpot while we were gone; pasta salad with peas, corn, and cheese; and applesauce. I’d also done the cake the day before. It was delightful to come home and have everything ready!

And then, on to the cake, ice cream, and presents!

It was a fun day for everyone. Katie thoroughly enjoyed being the Birthday Girl, especially sharing the day with Aunt Beka and The Cousins.

Grandpa and Grandma Smith were out of town on Katie’s birthday, so she got to enjoy another birthday-ish evening last night. It was a good thing she needed to open presents from the Smith g’parents, because it reminded me to pull out what Papa and Gramma Byrd had sent weeks ago (oops!). It was great to catch up on Dad and Mom Smith’s recent North Carolina vacation, and Katie loved all her new presents.


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