Stepping Heavenward…

… is a book that has been recommended to me more times than I can count. Well, after doing some clean up and helping with the most critical portions of today’s school, my tummy (which is still not quite happy after dealing with a stomach bug earlier this week) is saying, “Sit a spell!”

So, I’m finally going to dive into Stepping Heavenward, thanks to Google books, which has a public domain copy of Stepping Heavenward in a free .pdf download. I love my laser printer, which lets me print in booklet form, so it’s the size of a real book!

Off to read a bit…


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  1. Laurie Lynn
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 16:53:09

    Long Comment Alert!Oh I hope you enjoy "Stepping Heavenward"! If you were closer, I'd loan you my copy!I read this book as a young newly married lady and have read it a few times since as an older lady! It has wisdom for every stage of our walk! (It's in my bedside reading pile now as a matter of fact!) It may be time to read it again! Here's more history that may or may not mean anything to you: In Mike and my early married life when we were going to the Hutch. Gospel Chapel. Roger and Susan Wedel opened their home for a Meal/Fellowship/Prayer time on a given evening each week. I was a new believer and a newlywed. It was always an encouragement to me to be in the midst of believers. ANYWAY, my point? Susan is the lady who first shared her copy of "Stepping Heavenward" with me. (It was like discovering a gemstone and the timing was perfect!)(It seems like her copy was a very old original copy! I have a reprint which I was delighted to find!) We've lost track of the Wedels, but maybe you know their kids who were named after characters from "Lord of the Rings"? I'd almost forgotten, but Susan played the big set of mirimbas during chapel singing time back then.


  2. Laurel
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 17:38:24

    How neat that Susan introduced you to Stepping Heavenward. If I knew that you guys had gone to the Gospel Chapel, I had forgotten. I love those pieces of history! I believe Roger and Susan are in Nebraska, though I think a couple of the "kids" live in the Hutch area. Galadriel's children are named from the LotR books as well. Did you know that our Elanor is named from them? The golden star-flower in Lothlorien…


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