Creation Museum Trip ~ Day 1 – Wed. Oct. 6 ~ On the Road

Our trip to the Creation Museum with Dad and Mom Smith began early Wednesday morning.  When Dad and Mom arrived about 9, we had most of our packing done and the van emptied and ready for packing (Jonathan worked late the night before, so emptying the van was a last-minute job).   The goal was to leave by 10.00, and we drove out of the driveway the first time at 10.35, a record for us.  Then we went back for the coats. 

After having new tires put on the van while we took a family walk to Dollar General, we got on the road for real.  Until the first stop 20 minutes later for gas/potty break.  Such is travel with a large family, and I wouldn’t trade it.

It was a beautiful day for a road trip.  A rest area where we stopped (Goshen Rd Rest Area in Illinois, for the curious) was a nice spot for a few pictures.  Later we saw an interesting vehicle adapted from a motorcycle and … something.  We arrived at our destination – Big Bone Lick State Park in Union, KY – after dark, set up our campsite, and had a yummy supper before settling in for the Freezing Cold Night.

(Click on the pics below to get a better view)


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