Creation Museum Trip ~ Day 3 – Fri. Oct. 8 ~ Campground/Museum Fishing Night

 Our original plans for Friday were to spend some time checking out the neat state park at which we camped.  There is a bison herd there, hiking trails, and an outdoor museum about the mastodon.  Alas, due to a fluke with the campground office, we wound up needing to move to a different campsite on Friday, which changed our plans for the day significantly.

We “slept in” until 8.30 Friday, then enjoyed a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked on the campstove (firewood at the campground was quite pricey).  After breakfast, we struck camp, hauled everything to the other end of the campground, and set up camp again.  It took several trips, was quite an ordeal adventure, and I was thrilled with everyone’s attitudes in the midst of the inconvenience.

Once we got the foodstuff to our new campsite, I started cooking lunch.  We had an easy version of sloppy joes that I cooked in our biggish cast iron pot.  Three pounds ground beef, a couple cans of pork n beans, and a bottle of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce.  Plus an egg left over from breakfast that would’ve gone to waste if we hadn’t used it.  Yummy.

We made it back to the Creation Museum in time for the late afternoon showing of the Created Cosmos planetarium show.  We had seen it last year, but the extent of God’s creation is beyond comprehension and the CC show does a fantastic job of showing off the vastness of His universe.

Friday evening after the museum closed, there was a special Members Family Fishing Night.  The Blessings did some fishing, I did a lot of camera-play, we roasted brats and marshmallows over the fire, and the Blessings got to ride Gomer the camel.  It was a fun and special time.

Another grocery stop for Saturday’s food and some more sushi, and we were on our way back to the state park for another (slightly less frigid) night of camping, our last this trip.  The Blessings went straight to bed, and we grown-ups weren’t far behind.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gracie
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 21:20:28


    Enjoyed this post and the great pictures!!! Some of my favorites were the one of the sun shining through the trees over the top of the bridge (Beautiful!), and the adorable shots of Andrew peaking out from behind the blanket with his BIG blue eyes! Such a cutie!!!

    Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure! Fun times AND challenging times! My family did a fair amount of camping and we really enjoyed it a lot! But it seems like the trips where things didn’t go just right, like the time we had to stay in campsites other then the ones we had reserved and then move, and the time we got rained on day after day… those things created memories!


  2. Tab
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 22:07:07

    It all sounds like such an adventure. What a great oppotunity!
    Enjoyed your photos!


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