Last week, I set up a simple notepad file on my desktop, in a top corner… hovering as a reminder. To accept everything as a gift.
It seems to be more effective than trying to write gifts on paper, or to remember the thanks without writing them down at all. It also is helping me to train my thinking. All through grace.

Gifts #250 – 278
Dark yucky days
Loving hugs
New mornings
Adventure – ski day for the older Blessings
Visits with friends old and new
Fear conquered for a sweet daughter

A darling baby to brighten everyone’s day and encourage new friendships
Hard decisions
Special event missed due to illness
God’s view – bigger than mine
Pediatric eye specialists
Numbing drops
Baby patches

Baby glasses
Morning sun streaming in through the crackd earlier each day
Braiding sweet Grace’s hair, just because she asked
Reading with Blessings
Sweet warm chubby cheek pressed against mine
Two new baby teeth
Willing helpers
The humbling love-learning of cleaning up after sick loved ones
Tag-team tax prep
Taxes done!
Arrival of a precous much-anticipated little lady to some dear friends
Gorgeous sunny days
Warm sun on my face
Chickens scratching in the yard
Prayerful planning about the future
Banana boxes

holy experience


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mama
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 06:08:47

    Some of those evoked smiles; some made me “tear up”. What sweet emotions to share with my daughter.


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