Climbing out… with gratitude

I awoke in a funk. My knee was throbbing. My family wasn’t reading my mind and acting accordingly. The sweet of fellowship had somehow fled since the precious hours the night before and left behind only the bitter of farewell. I began the list of negatives in my head and was well on my way to ensuring a horrific Sunday morning for my loved ones. And then the still small voice.

Give thanks?


But really? This morning? I seem to be wallowing quite nicely here…

Especially this morning, yes.

I tried to began to say thank You.

From my rut, I could not see the gifts clearly, so I had to begin with what was literally in front of me. Toothbrush… toothpaste… clean water flowing easily from my faucet… a cozy house in the cool of a spring morning… a husband awake… Davey, with his young man intensity… Barak, passionate and dreaming… Elanor, on the cusp of young womanhood… Josiah, tenderhearted and loving-handed… Kate, with her laughter… Grace, face shining in smiles… Stephen, embracing big brotherhood… Andrew, unexpected and treasured

Oh, there are so many more, and as the day goes on, they continue to come to mind…
Friends preparing an evening for us to enjoy fellowship before departing
More friends arriving to fellowship

A dear lady, part of our lives since shortly after we moved to Missouri… friend/doula/counsellor/encourager/more
Big families that love us
Couples that love us
Friends who couldn’t come but who send sweet words of encouragement
A quiet corner to sit and nurse… and listen to the sounds of people I love
Sue, faithful friend, confidante, fellow-traveller
Tina, inspiring, honest, uplifting
Georgia, overcoming
Mama Fay, precious lady of God
Janet, laughing, tenderhearted
Children playing, making memories
Our men, talking, playing golf (in the living room!)
Dad and Mom Smith, encouraging and helping
Papa and Mama, cheering and praying (my Aaron and Hur)
Flowers showing up more each day
Green overtaking the ground
A picnic, walk, and play at Shaw Nature Reserve

A weeping willow on the way to chapel, looking like a fountain of green misty spray

Gifts #340-375


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Gracie
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 16:09:47

    Thank you, Laurel, for the beautiful testimony of the importance and power of thankfulness! I need that reminder so much!


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