Many thanks

Gifts #437 – 469

~ Weeds pulled and ground cleared
~ A big blooming lilac bush
~ Sweet fellowship and prayer meeting
~ A Bogey’s-inspiring night (even without the Bogey’s)
~ Getting stronger
~ Walking with my love in the KS moonlight
~ Gala apples
~ Some work for Jonathan
~ The faith-journey of waiting for more
~ Rising early and preparing for the day with my man
~ A little nap after he has gone
~ Josiah and Andrew playing
~ Cold brew coffee
~ A beautiful moonset
~ Watching squirrel activity by silhouette in the sunrise
~ Early morning breakfast and chat with J
~ Being up and at ’em before the Blessings
~ A house so quiet I can hear the birds outside with the doors & windows closed (chilly morning)
~ Safety in the crazy strong wind
~ Adventuring children
~ Anticipation to learn what the Father has in store for us
~ Being challenged in my thinking
~ 10 pounds gone since 3/8
~ Memories being made by our children – Remember the time P. smashed the rotten egg with the bat and it splattered all over us? Then the moms wouldn’t let us come inside because we stunk so horribly?
~ 12 miles
~ A weekend retreat for the older boys
~ A singing chapel
~ Birds building nests
~ The intense heart-pain of beloved places in a state of dreadful disrepair*
~ The question – what are we to do?
~ Budding vision… KFM?
~ Time to scratch out thanks and read the Love Letter
~ A season to focus on His life-giving death and resurrection (A simple resource for your Passion Week right here)

*The hard thanks


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laurie
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 09:37:11

    Praise God for His sanctifying work and His love for us in Christ Jesus!!!
    BTW (What is cold brew coffee?) Anything like leftover coffee, chilled then used for cold coffee drinks? Just wondering!


  2. smithlaurel
    May 02, 2011 @ 21:44:44

    Laurie, I’m sorry to be so slow in responding to your question about the cold brew coffee. No, it’s not like leftover coffee. It’s basically coffee concentrate. You don’t heat it until you add hot water right before drinking. Or never, if you want a yummy iced coffee. It is less acidic, with all the coffee flavor. I haven’t been able to drink hot-brewed coffee since I was pregnant with Stephen b/c of all the acid, so I was especially thrilled when we discovered cold brew. Here’s a pretty good explantation of how it works:


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