A New Habit

Tap Tap Tap… is anyone still out there?

If only you could read the blog posts that happen in my head…

But you can’t, so I’d best get back to typing them out.

So, the new habit I’m committing to is 15 minutes a weekday to blog whatever I manage to spit out in that time.

I’m crazy-far behind.

The Kansas State Fair started last Friday, and it we spent eight hours walking around the Fair. Get in before 11 on the first day = free. Ten people families are all about free. It was such a joy to be at the Fair again. It is something that I keenly missed each September we were away, and most of our Blessings had no memories of it. I believe I wore a goofy grin the better part of those eight hours.

We went again Monday afternoon (Dollar Day) with Dad and Mom Smith and Grandma Hall. Not as long a visit, but it was fun and memorable. Midway rides were 1 ticket per ride, so the Blessings each got to pick a ride. Tight budgets make every treat sweeter. I rode the ferris wheel with Ellie, Josiah, Kate, and Grace, and it was a delight to see their varied reactions. Kate = giggles of joy! Davey and Barak rode the Starship, the one where it spins fast enough to stick you to the wall. I also rode Stephen’s ride with him, one of the little roller coasters – he loved it.

Jonathan and I will be working the Sterling Alumni booth tomorrow, and will get to have a bit of a date night afterwards. Davey and Barak have been working at the Dairy Bar during the Fair, which is good experience for them, and they’re looking forward to the paycheck.

Jonathan just started back to work this Wednesday after three weeks unpaid leave due to severe tendonitis. He is seeing a new chiropractor now and we are encouraged about the results. In the meantime, our Heavenly Father has been providing for us wonderfully through His “hands and feet.”

I’ve now been blessed to attend three births as the apprentice of two dear midwives from whom I am learning a great deal. I’m also learning from the mamas/families/babies. This apprenticeship seems to be working well for our family at this time, for which I am deeply thankful. I am without-words-thankful for Jonathan’s total support of me in pursuing this at this time. I am beyond blessed.

We put up almost 3 bushels of peaches last month, mostly just sliced peaches, but quite a few pints of peach butter, Earl Grey peach preserves, and a batch of “plain” peach preserves that turned out to be peach topping because I didn’t cook it long enough (it’s fabulous on waffles/pancakes).

My online timer seems to be malfunctioning, so I think I’ve snuck in more than my 15 minutes. (sneaky chuckle) Off to bed!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mama
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 06:58:25

    Glad you are blogging again!!! I’ve missed it; even tho we talk often, you often blog about different things and your perspective on them.
    I Love you, daughter dear!


  2. Magen
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 12:07:30

    Yay! I’m glad to see you blogging too. And, your last comment about the timer cracked me up because I had been thinking, “Wow! She can get a LOT more blogging done than I can in 15 minutes!”


  3. Tab
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 18:33:54

    So good to hear from you again!
    I am so delighted for you that you were able to take in the fair.
    My sister took her two eldest on dollar day. They had a great time!
    I’m sorry to hear about Jonathan’s tendonitis. Thankful with you for God’s provision.
    Your peach preserves and “yummys” sound fantastic!


  4. Gracie
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 16:09:49

    Good to hear from you again! How neat that you are doing midwifery! I didn’t know that! We were so blessed by the wonderful midwives and assistants that we had with both our pregnancies!


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