A New Year, A New Blog Home!

I’ve been between worlds with my blog for about a month now, and with the new year, I’m ready to make the move official. I’m blogging at my own domain now – the new address is www.grace-and-glory.net. Please come join me at the new place and share your thoughts on the new year!


Sweet Shot Tuesday


I have, over the years that I’ve been reading blogs, entered a multitude of giveaways. I’ve pouted inwardly more than I’d like to admit over not ever winning one.

Well, for reasons beyond my ken, my losing streak has been broken, and broken soundly.

I’m not wanting to brag about winning, but I am wanting to brag on these wonderful people who have hosted and given. Please check out their blogs and products!

On October 24, I won a cloth diaper giveaway hosted by Tsh at SimpleMom.net. When Tsh sent me an email asking me which of the four sets would be my preference, I chose SustainableBabyish after much deliberation because the set that they were giving away had an option for either a regular/short wool cover or some wool longies (be still, my heart!). As it turned out, I was able to have my first choice of companies, and heard from the folks at SB within a few days. Unfortunately, at the time, the page for the starter kit being given away did not note the additional charge for the longies (a charge that makes total sense, just one that I couldn’t fit in our budget at the time). After some emailing back and forth, the kind folks at SB offered me the option of a pair of “seconds” longies if I would prefer them over a short wool cover. I was all over that. And, incidentally, the product page for the starter kit in question now reflects the price difference, for which I’m relieved for future customers.
So, on November 17, I received my package. And oh my. These diapers. They are the softest ever. Every time I come to one of them in the diaper rotation, I get all excited because they are just so soft and cushy. I wish I had clothes that soft! I just think they’re wonderful. And the pair of longies? I sure can’t find any flaws in them. A little lanolin sample would have been a lovely touch since their covers are not pre-lanolized. I finally bought some lanolin and it is in transit. So looking forward to getting this pair of longies in use!
Honestly, my experience with this company’s representative was less than stellar. But I think it was an individual thing, not a company-wide issue. And oh the diapers! They make the negatives fade in my mind. I would (obviously, from my gushing) highly recommend them. Thanks for the fabulous gift, SustainableBabyish! And many thanks to Tsh for organizing/hosting such a generous giveaway.

Then in November, I was surprised by a second giveaway notification – this time from The Grocery Shrink. She was giving away not one but three of her ebooks. I’d looked longingly at her books before and been so impressed that she helps you shrink your grocery budget while eating real whole foods. She also was including a hands-pampering set from Mary Kay – fun bonus.
We had some miscommunication, and then there was my horrid memory and holiday busy-ness. I totally forgot about downloading the books. And I didn’t receive her email about the hands set. I finally emailed her tonight to thank her and apologize for not doing so earlier. I’m going to download the books as soon as the Man isn’t playing on online game in which he might die if I clog up the satelite connection. ūüôā I’m sure that you’ll be hearing about them, because I plan to make use of her ideas.

On December 7, I won this giveaway at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom. It was for a copy of the cookbook Go Dairy Free by Alisa Marie Fleming and (bonus!) a potato ricer. I’d been thrilled about getting a digital copy of the book, but was delighted when Heidi informed me it was a hardcopy.
I haven’t had a lot of time to examine the cookbook, but it is definitely more than just recipes. It looks like a wealth of information on this world that sometimes still feels new to me. Alisa’s blog, Alisa Cooks, has been a tremendous help and encouragement as I’ve learned the ropes of eating without dairy, and I’m thankful to have this hard copy resource as well.
I’d never used a potato ricer before, but I have been glad to have it. Perfect timing with Andrew beginning to try some veggies. Besides making mashed potatoes with it for the fam, I’ve run sweet potatoes and carrots through it for Andrew (freezing them in half cup portions for easy use). Works like a dream.
Oh, and the dairy free fudge recipe Heidi links to in the giveaway post? Fabulous. Totally made my Christmas season, as far as treats go. And my family said they thought it was just as good as “their” fudge.
Thank you, Heidi, for the gifts, and thank you, Alisa, for letting your readers know about the giveaway!

Also on December 7, oddly enough, I went visiting some new blogs after posting my Sweet Shot Tuesday picture. I like to visit some of the other bloggers who have posted pics and give enouragement, so I picked a few that I liked from the thumbnail linkies and went to comment. I loved the hands picture at the end of this post at sandwichINK – it reminds me of my dear grandparents. I dashed off a note to Kaye letting her know I appreciated her pics and post, and thought no more of it. Totally missed the giveaway business.
The next week, I received an email about having won a giveaway. I had to follow the link to Kaye’s blog to figure out how that had happened. What a fun and wonderful surpriseto have $15 to my credit at Amazon! Thanks, Kaye!

So that’s my giveaway roundup. Please visit these fine folks and, if they have products that would be a help to you, consider purchasing from them.

The 8th of November

have you thanked a veteran lately?

Just for fun

Kathy tagged me and I haven’t done one of these for a while, so… just for fun, here we go!

First, the questions Kathy answered:

1. What’s your favorite holiday, and why?
I love the Advent season.  We spend it focusing on why Christ was born and what His life, death, and resurrection mean to us.  Beautiful time of year.

2. If you had a candy jar, what would be filling it regularly?
Chocolate Chips

3. What month of the year is your favorite?
I don’t think I can pick just one!

4. Which of the chefs on the Food Network would you want to cook you dinner, and what would you ask them to make you?
I don’t watch any, but I’m sure something with chocolate would put a smile on my face

5. What store would you love get a $50 gift card to?
Do they sell Etsy-wide gift cards?  I love all the wonderful personally-made items on Etsy.  But I also have a huge wish list on Amazon.

6. What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?
Bubble bath.  Good book.  Candles.

7. What color are your toenails painted right now?
A deep purplely color with a strong dash of red.¬† Aren’t you glad I don’t name nail polish for a living??

8. If you could live in one other state besides where you live now, what would you choose? (Or what would be your second choice?)

And Kathy’s special questions:
1. As a Mom, how do you find time for exercise?¬† I often don’t, unfortunately.¬† Pre-pregnancy/baby,¬†mornings worked best.¬† Now, whenever I can find a few minutes.
2. What type of exercise {if any} do you make time to do?¬† I am most successful at getting to Pilates right now, but I’m really wanting to get back to walking/jogging.
3. What is your favorite healthy snack?  Salad with an avocado and cheese
4. What is your favorite ‘splurge’ snack?¬† Chocolate… is that a snack?
5. What fall TV show{s} are you looking forward to watching?¬† none, but I’m looking forward to the arrival of Season 5 of Doctor Who on Netflix!
6. What activities do your children participate¬†in?¬†¬†Not sure what direction you’re aiming on this one, Kathy.¬† We¬†have one vehicle, so the Blessings and I are pretty much homebodies during the day.¬† We do lots of reading,¬†animal/homestead care, board games, computer games (limited time), cooking/baking…¬†

7. What do you love most about Fall?¬† Mmmmm… the smell¬†and feel of a fall breeze when I’m bundled up in a comfy sweatshirt.¬† Or is it the crunch of the leaves under my feet?¬† The start of football season?¬† The beautiful leaves?¬† Apple harvesting?¬† Fall-scented candles?¬† Too many from which to choose.¬† I love fall!
8. What book are you currently reading?¬† On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George (I love my children’s books)¬† I also am in the midst of 5-6 others, but that’s the first to come to mind.

If you’d like to play, just for fun… consider yourself tagged!

Inaugural WordPress Post


Here’s to a new home for my blogs.¬† May God be glorified!¬†


Well, we’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks… busy getting over a nasty virus that we acquired somewhere and unwittingly passed on to an unfortunately large number of people while we were at Ozark Family Camp. Ellie got pneumonia, and we had mulitple ear infections as a side benefit of this beauty. All 10 of us got it to one degree or another, and a couple are still pretty puny. So, that’s taken a bulk of my energy recently, and I haven’t gotten to the many update posts that I’d like to write sometime. But we’re on our way out of it!

A few bits of other recent news:

Today is my fourth day in my Shampoo Free experience. I’m having a bit of a “transition” issue, but not bad. I’ll be posting more about it; this is just a teaser. Follow the link above if you’re curious, and if you have thoughts on going “shampoo free,” I’d love to read them.

We did our first bit of canning today! I was amazed at how much the tomatoes cooked down in the method we used, but it was relatively easy and I hear it gets great results. Jonathan and I blanched the tomatoes, the big boys peeled and diced, Jonathan and I did the actually canning.Red, purple, and orange tomatoes. The partially filled jar will just go in the fridge when it cools. Our purples aren’t doing great this year for some reason, so we didn’t have many. On the counter behind the jars are some not-quite-ripe goodies.

I’ve been working on updating my photo blog… I was almost two months behind, but have made some catch-up progress in the last week – up to July 8th right now. And speaking of blogging, I’m getting ready to move to WordPress. Not quite ready, but getting closer. That also has taken up some of my available computer time. I’ll let you know the new place is all ready for visitors.

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