Ozark Family Camp

We had a fun time at Ozark Family Camp last week, and I have lots of pictures to show you! I decided to do the Picasa album link this time, so here’s the slideshow. You can click on it to go see larger versions of the pictures. If there’s any you’d like a full size copy of, just let me know.

It was so fun to see folks whom I hadn’t seen in years, many of whom Jonathan and the Blessings hadn’t met (if you go to the album, there will be captions). We were blessed by the terrific speakers – John Heller was the main speaker, teaching about the Holy Spirit, and J and I attended Steve Price’s sessions on the Believer Priest. The children all enjoyed their classes as well. Davey was in the teens class… that felt strange!

A few of the highlights –

Monday afternoon we went on the trail rides. Eight years was the minimum, so I took Ellie and Kate on the first ride. Jonathan, the boys, and Grace met us at the Hitching Post and J and the three older boys went on the second ride. Later that afternoon, Grace and Stephen got to ride around the playground as well. No pictures of the big boys and Jonathan on their ride!

Tuesday, we had a picnic lunch down by the camp lake with the group of families to which we’d been assigned. After lunch, our family all went out on the lake in paddle boats, with varying degrees of enjoyment.

Wednesday night was actually our last night at camp, as we needed to come back and get a few work jobs done. It was also banquet night, which made a nice opportunity to roam the dining room getting pictures of friends. I missed plenty, but here are some of the shots I did get:

We were late registering for camp and the waiting list was not moving, so we were planning to tent camp. But several days before departure, Aunt Karen (who is my aunt by love, not by blood) emailed and invited us to use their downstairs bedrooms. We were thrilled to accept! Next year, I think we’ll mail our registration right away, because it would have been lovely to be in the thick of things instead of a short drive away. I’m also praying that we get to stay the whole week next time!

Our time at Ozark was delightful. There was lots of personal learning that I haven’t even touched on here. Perhaps later this week…


A Walking Tour

If you’ve been wanting a closer look at the beautiful property we’re blessed to live on right now, here’s a walking tour for you. It’s really best seen by clicking on the slideshow below and viewing the pictures in their picassa album.

A bit of catch up

I haven’t posted very many pictures this month, so I’m going to try to play catch up today. The fastest way to do that is to upload them to Picasa albums and embed slideshows that you can click on if you’d like to see bigger versions.

Here are some shots of a visit to Shaw Nature Reserve with Papa & Mama Byrd and Mom Smith. It was a lovely day!

Mother’s Day fun:

Also during Papa and Mama Byrd’s visit from NC, we spent an afternoon at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis. Papa was busy working, but Mama was able to come, as well as Dad & Mom Smith, Aunt Joyce, and Sarah with her sweet Blessings. We had a great time!

Last week, we dog sat Maggie, Dad & Mom Smith’s chihuahua. I caught this cute picture of her sleeping in her little bed.

Last Thursday, my friend Sue and her Blessings came over to visit for a few hours. While they were here, Jonathan finished a movable pen for the ducks and moved them outside, so the pictures have a lot of variety!

We had planned to go to a nearby creek to play and picnic on Memorial Day, but the weather changed our plans. Instead, we had biscuits and gravy for lunch, played our new game of “Life” in the afternoon with sweet Georgia, and enjoyed a wonderful supper with Georgia and Dad & Mom Smith. I seemed to neglect the camera in the evening, though…

Identification project

A couple weeks ago, I posted a slideshow of digital “specimens” from our afternoon at Shaw Nature Reserve. Today, the older children and I spent quite a while going through and identifying those specimens. We used books and the internet, and got almost everything identified. I was surprised at how much fun it was, and I think the kids enjoyed it as well. Some of our findings were quite surprising… learning about the Kentucky Coffee tree, for one!

Here’s the slideshow again, with updated captions:

Missouri Botanical Gardens Trip

On Wednesday, we went to the Botanical Gardens with Dad and Mom Smith. It was our first visit, and we were very impressed.

A few highlight pictures:
The Blessings –

J&L –

Dad and Mom Smith –

I uploaded a larger number of “highlights” to an album – in my opinion, it would be worthwhile to click on the slideshow below so that you can see them up close!

A Fun Afternoon

This afternoon, we met up with Dad and Mom Smith and several families from our home school support group at nearby Shaw Nature Reserve. We’d been there once before, and thoroughly enjoyed our first taste of it this year, taking a close to 3 mile hike.

Also, Dad and Mom Smith bought us a family membership for our birthdays! The membership covers up to 10 adults (children 12 and under are free) and includes admission to Shaw, the Missouri Botanical Gardens (including the Children’s Gardens), and the Butterfly House. The part of it we will use the most is the admission to Shaw Nature Reserve. It’s about 15 minutes away from us now, and has so much to offer! But we’re looking forward to checking out some of the other spots, as we’ve lived in the St. Louis area for almost 9 years now and have never been to any of them. We’re also hoping to take some friends and family to enjoy some of these displays of God’s creation.

I just couldn’t pick a few pictures to post, so I’m embedding another slideshow. Just click on it to go to the album (where you can see large ones and/or download full size pics). Enjoy!

Need some plant identification practice?

Here’s some digital “specimens” from our trip to Shaw Nature Reserve today. Click on the slideshow to get to the Picasa album.

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